Moni shankar

Monishankar Sarkar is an Assistant Professor of the Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies at University of Dhaka. He is currently on study leave and pursuing MA in Development Economics and International Development (Major in Economics) at the University of Denver, Colorado, United States. He was also a research fellow to the REACH: Improving Water Security for the Poor, a DFID funded project of the University of Oxford, where he explored how water insecurity creates an additional poverty burden for poor people. The study also explores that the extreme poor households have little or no opportunity to lift out of poverty than other impoverished families. His research combines empirical evidence and economic theory to support the design of efficient public policies. Sarkar’s works range from poverty, hunger, inequality to sensible government policies which can have more comprehensive and real-world impacts.  


Sarkar received his Bachelor and Master of Social Science degrees from the University of Dhaka. Before joining as a faculty at University of Dhaka in 2015, he held a faculty position at Jagannath University and Bangladesh University of Business and Technology, and a research position at the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B).